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Bishop Eric L. Cannady, Pastor

Pastor_Cannady_March_2007_-3_copyLearn to reach the unreachable and believe the impossible. With God, all things are possible. It is with great joy that I invite you to come and grow with us at the Atlanta Metro WOTCC. We are located in the Stone Mountain Village area. Our address is 781 Main Street, Stone Mountain, GA 30083. Experience for yourself the very real and refreshing power of the living God. We are impacting the future by pointing to the Cross!!!

As for me and this house, We Will Praise the Lord!!

Your friend and servant in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Pastor Eric L. Cannady

Pastor’s Inspiration

I bring you Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  I pray that this inspiration will find you working out your own soul salvation.  What a time to be in the Kingdom.  Our earthly home is in turmoil and the environment is unsettling, but in all of this my soul is rejoicing because I know that our redemption draws nigh.

The Lord has placed in my spirit the need to share with His people this thought from the 4th Chapter of Proverbs.  Solomon tells us that wisdom is the principle thing, so get wisdom.  Then he reminds us that in all of our getting, get the understanding.  We are living in a time of great technological wonders.  Mankind can do more than he has ever been able to do.  Now you can talk, email, text, log on to the internet, bank online, make online payments, trade stock, check your facebook account, listen to music, watch television, play games, and track your location all from the same source; a cell phone.  Just 10 years ago, who would have imagined having all of this capability at your fingertips?  There have also been great strides made in medicine, engineering, weaponry, and computer technology.  But with all of this intelligence, what’s missing?  The Godly wisdom needed to make sure that these technologies are used for the good of man and not for the greed of man.

The Apostle Paul makes a clear distinction in I Corinthians between the wisdom of man and Godly wisdom.  The more advances man makes, the more he turns his back on God, as if he doesn’t require His divine services.  We have gradually become dependent on our abilities instead of trusting in our Creator.  This is a dangerous state to be in and I must declare like the Psalmist that it is better to “Trust in the Lord than to put confidence in Man”.  The problem that we are faced with is having all of this technology and intelligence and not using Godly wisdom to handle it properly.  Wisdom is not only in having the intelligence or knowledge, but also using it to solve problems for the greater good.  We are in a position now that we are smarter than we’ve ever been, but deprived of wisdom.  Our children know how to play complex games at an early age but have no clue on how to show respect towards one another.  We are all trying so hard to get ahead that we are falling behind.

People of God, I’m not advocating that we stay away from technology, or refuse to use the latest innovations.  What I am saying is this; it’s time for us to focus back on the Word of God.  We must continue to strive to find out what God has to say to this generation so that we will be able to keep things in the proper perspective.  We can become so distracted by everything that is surrounding us, that we lose focus on getting God’s Word inside of us.  It’s good to be smart, to have the latest technology, to be on the cutting edge, but always ask this one question, “How can this be used to bring glory to God?”  If this is part of your thought process, then you’re not only wise, but you have the understanding.

May God Keep and Bless you is my prayer.

In His Service I Remain

Pastor Cannady